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Girona Airport Guide to Girona-Costa Brava Airport (GRO)

Taxis at Girona Airport

By taxi is without a doubt the best way to transfer from and to Girona Airport, since it is located at just 13 kilometres from the city centre, that means an average transfer time of 20 – 25 minutes.

Taxis at Girona Airport are metered, which means fares will be determined by both taximeter and airport surcharges.

Though there aren’t reports of scams, our recommendation is to ask for the receipt to the taxi driver for any complaint or claim you might have.

Contact: +34 872 975 000.



Taxis can be found at the taxi rank located in the ground floor, immediately outside the Arrivals Hall. You’ll easily identify the taxi rank by the sign Taxi painted in yellow on the road.



If you wish to call for a taxi at Girona Airport, please call:

  • GiTaxi: +34 972 222 323
  • Radio Taxi: +34 972 203 377



As said above, all taxis in Girona Airport are metered.

There are two kinds of fares: Day fare and night and weekend fare. 
The fare to get to downtown Girona (Girona Barri Vell – Old town) is about € 28.00 (day fare) and € 30.00 (night and weekend fare). For other destinations within Girona, see the information below:

  • South Girona: € 24.00 (day fare) and € 26.00 (night and weekend fare).
  • North Girona: € 36.00 (day fare) and € 39.00 (night and weekend fare).
  • Girona Railway Station (AVE – high speed connection): € 28.00 (day fare), € 30.00 (night and weekend fare).


The fare to transfer to Barcelona is about € 127.00 (day fare) and € 140.00 (night and weekend fare).

Fares to other popular nearby destinations:

  • Andorra: € 275.00 (day fare), € 303.00 (night and weekend fare)
  • Barcelona Airport: € 150.00 (day fare), € 165.00 (night and weekend fare)
  • Figueres: € 74.00 (day fare), € 81.00 (night and weekend fare)
  • Lloret de Mar: € 45.00 (day fare), € 101.00 (night and weekend fare)
  • Platja d’Aro: € 48.00 (day fare), € 53.00 (night and weekend fare)
  • Riudellots Regional Station: € 12.00 (day fare), € 15.00 (night and weekend fare).
  • Salou: € 275.00 (day fare), € 303.00 (night and weekend fare)
  • Santa Susanna: € 52.00 (day fare), € 57.00 (night and weekend fare)
  • Vic: € 82.00 (day fare), € 90.00 (night and weekend fare)


Shared Rides

Shared ride service is available to those who wish to share a ride and pay a flat rate to certain destinations if multiple parties are available for the trip. Apps such as Uber may be useful to do so.



If you wish to transfer from and to Girona Airport on your own, there are several transfer companies available within the airport premises.

Book your transfer through our site, it is easy and fast to use!