Girona Airport Transportation: Bus, Taxi, Train

There are three ways to get to Girona Airport - Costa Brava airport:



The shuttle Girona-Costa Brava is coordinated with flight arrival and departures. There are several services served by intercity buses:

Girona Airport - Barcelona

Buses are from the Ryanair airline. Depart approximately every 25-30 minutes after each flight arrives at the airport. In Barcelona, ​​the buses stop at the North Station (Estació del Nord, near the Arc de Triomph).
Travel time: 75 minutes (depending of the traffic jam).
Stop: Girona airport - bus parking. Arrive at Barcelona Nord Bus station, in platforms 28, 29.
Companies: Sagalés
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Girona Airport - Girona city

Buses operate according with the Ryanair flights schedules as well. Depart from Girona airport and reach the Girona bus station.
Company: Sagalés

- Bus 605 reaches Girona city center as well from the airport. Travel time is about 20 minutes. Stops at: Girona Bus Station.

- From Girona City to the airport, bus L-28 and bus number 607 departs from Girona Bus Station to Girona Airport (depending of the day of the week). Travel time is about 15 minutes.

It is recommended to check the bus schedules before arrive at Girona airport or depart from Girona Bus station to reach the airport.

Girona Airport - Costa Brava (South)

This bus line connects the airport with some locations in Costa Brava: Tossa de Mar, Lloret de Mar and Blanes.
Companies: Sagalés Sarfa

Airport Girona - Lleida

Buses connect with some other inland cities such as Vic, Cervera, Manresa, Lleida and Tàrrega.
Companies: T.E.I.S.A. - Eix Bus

Girona Airport - Andorra

Buses connect Girona airport with the capital of Andorra, Andorra la Vella (bus station).
Companies: Novatel - Andorra by bus


If there are no taxis at Girona airport waiting in the taxi rank passengers may call the Taxi Girona by phone.

All taxis are metered. To reach the city center of Girona is about €30-€35 depending if it’s during the week or during the night/weekends.
To go to Barcelona is about €130-€140.
To go to Vic is about: €85-€90.

Phone: +34 872 975 000  



AVE trains connect various Spanish cities with French cities. Girona is one of the cities connected in this high speed train network.

From Girona passengers can reach various cities:
- Spain: Madrid, Zaragoza, Málaga, Huesca, Valladolid, Cuenca, Valencia, Alicante, Tarragona, Barcelona, Figueres.
- France: París, Perpignan, Carcassonne, Toulouse, Narbonne, Béziers, Agde, Sète, Montpellier, Nîmes, Valence, Lyon, Avignon, Aix en Provence, Marseille.

Website: AVE

Another option is get to Girona city also by cab or bus and then take the train at Renfe station at the center of Girona for a regional train.

There is another train station near Girona airport, Riudellots (RENFE). It is located 4 km away and connects with several cities, from Cervera de la Marenda (France), Portbou to Barcelona. Line: R11.

Girona Airport to Barcelona

There are several options to go from Girona Airport to Barcelona:

- Buses: Check the bus line from Sagalés (listed on this same page)

- Train: There are two options, by AVE (High speed train) and by Regional Train.

- AVE Train: Passengers can reach Barcelona city from Girona (Train Station).
Travel time Girona - Barcelona: 40 minutes.

- Regional Train: Line R11 connects Girona with Barcelona (Sants Station).

- Taxi: Passengers may call a taxi to reach Barcelona city from Girona airport if there are no taxicabs on the taxi rank. Phone: +34 872 975 000.
The travel should cost around €130-€140.
Estimated time: 1 hour.

* All prices are subject to change